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Tim is a regular contributor to Avid Golfer magazine in Dallas and has contributed columns to Golf for Women, Golf Tips Magazine, and Celeb Life Magazine.  Tim also authors a blog Tim Cusick's Teaching the Teacher. An archive with links to a selection of his articles can be found below.

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Teaching Teachers Building a Team Atmosphere Walk the Line Marketing Yourself Through Conversation
  Making Connections      
Avid Golfer Action and Reaction Are You a Slicer? Armed for Action The Battle in the Bunker
  Be Pitch Perfect Become an Excellent Driver Become Mr. Sandman Belly Up
  Buying Yourself a New Game? Conquer Your Fairway Bunker Fears Conquering a Toughie Diagnosing Your Divot
Don't Forget the Feet The Dreaded "S" Word Drill Instructor Escape the Trap
  Eyes on the Prize Feet Support Finding the Slot From Practice to Play
  Get On Plane Grip It Good Hands vs Body Heady Play
  A Healthy Balance An Inside Job It's All in the Eyes Keying in on the Clubface
  A Kid's Game Kids Play Know the Roll Know Their Roles
  Leg It Out Lies, All Lies Lose the Banana Mind Games
The Need for Speed One is Like the Other The Perfect Setup Pivoting the Backswing
Play Safe, Save Strokes Posture Position Putt 'Er There The Putting Path
Quality, Not Quantity Ready Golf Pays Ready, Setup, Go Rough and Tough
  Seeing the Forest for the Trees Shape Up Your Shots A Simple Triangle Start Off Right (or Left)
  Starting at the Finish Stay Put Steady From the Top Stop the Slice
  Straight from the Shoulder Strike It Solid Striking Dead-Center Stuck in the Middle
  The Sweet Science of Putting Take a Stand Target Practice Tenacious Ds
  Three Myths To Totally Ignore Three's Company Timmy Turns 100 Training Tools Done Right
  Triple Play An Uneven Setting The Versatility of Alignment Sticks We've Got Legs..
  Width=Length Winterize Your Game Wrong the Right Way  
Interviews The Perfect Golf Lesson Tim Talks about Rolex Junior Player of the Year Anthony Paolucci    


Tim stays at the top of his game using equipment and golf wear from:  Titleist, Vokey Wedges, Scotty Cameron Putters, Footjoy, Peter Millar,
and TempoTeacher


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