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Tim has a number of videos available on YouTube and GolfLink (available to members only).  You can subscribe to his YouTube channel at:  TimCusickGolf.

Tim's YouTube Channel 2010 PGA Ernie Sabayrac Award Against the First Cut of Rough Near the Green Chipping Chunky Shots
  Coaching Champions - Bunker Play Coaching Champions - Club Face versus Swing Path Coaching Champions - Correcting Swing Mistakes Coaching Champions - Feeling a Fundamentally Correct Swing
  Coaching Champions - Fixing Faults with Feel Coaching Champions - Hitting Longer Bunker Shots Coaching Champions - Managing Shots from the Sand Coaching Champions - Putting
  Coaching Champions - The Short Game Coaching Champions - Teaching Beginners Coaching Champions - Turf Condition Coaching Champions - Working with Ilhee Lee
  Choosing the Right Place to Stand on the Tee Box Draw Finish or Fade Finish Eliminate That Slice! Fairway Bunker Shots
  Five Keys to Increasing Your Distance Fixing a Hook Fixing the Sky Ball "Fluffy" Lies Around the Green
  Good Takeaways Result in Great Shots A Great Drill for Better Alignment Greenside Bunkers Grip and the Clubface
  Hitting a Low Draw - Analysis with Luke Kwan Hitting a More Lofted Pitch Shot Hitting Better Fairway Bunker Shots Hitting Draws and Fades Using Your Finish
  Hitting from the Rough Around the Green The Importance of the Takeaway Improving Your Consistency Judging Distance with Your Wedges
  Lag Putting Let Your Lie Determine the Shot You'll Play Longer, Straighter Drives Long, Greenside Bunker Shots
  Lower Your Score by Minimizing Your Mistakes Make Better Impact Making Good Shots from the Deep Rough Making Solid Contact with Your Putter
  NTPGA Teaching/Coaching Conference November 2016 Over the Top Pitching Playing in the Wind
  Power! A Quick Lesson Reading Putts Risk versus Reward
  Skulled or Topped Shots Shanks! Solving the Dreaded Shank Swing Analysis - Anthony Paolucci
   Swing Analysis - Ilhee Lee Swing Analysis Ilhee Lee - Target Line View Swing Analysis - Jordan Frye Swing Analysis - Kelly Grassel
  Swing Analysis - Neils Sallmann Swing Analysis - Patricia Cornett Swing Analysis - Sang Yi Swing Analysis - Tim Cusick
   Swing Axis The Swing Plane Tony Romo Golf Swing Analysis Too Deep or Too Far Behind
  Tough Lies - Ball Above Your Feet  Tough Lies - Ball Below Your Feet Tough Lies - Bare Lies Tough Lies - Sandy Divot in the Fairway
  Trouble Shots - In the Trees  Trouble Shots - Over the Water, Over the Trees Uphill Lies Around the Green What Part of the Clubface is Hitting the Ball
GolfLink Adding Height to Your Shots Aggressive Tee Shots - Risks and Rewards Chipping from Divots Chipping Off a Tight Lie
   Club Selection from the Rough The Correct Swing Length for Distance Wedges Course Management Dividing Green Into Thirds for Running Chips
   Fairway Bunker Shots Fairway Bunkers with a High Lip Gaining More Driving Distance Getting Out of the Trees
  Greenside Bunker Shots Head Position in Putting Setup Hitting Off the Toe or Heel How Your Body Effects Shot Curvature
  How Your Swing Angle Effects Your Shot Height Ideal Impact Position Keeping Your Eye on the Ball Lag Putting
   Long Greenside Bunker Shots Missing Putts on the High Side One-Two Count for Putting Rhythm The Only Reason for a Slice
   Playing from Rough and Trees Playing in the Wind Playing Sucker Pins Proper Impact Contact Drill
   Quick Fix for Hooks Run Shot versus Lob Shot Selecting a Loft Angle for Your Drive Selecting the Irons in Your Bag
   Selecting Woods for Tight Lies on Fairway Short Shots Over Water Storing Your Golf Balls in the Winter  Taking the Draw Out of Above the Feet Lies
   Tee Shots in Cross Winds Three Different Types of Lies in the Rough Up and Over Trees Using Fairway Yardage Markers
   What Makes the Ball Curve What Side of Tee Box to Use Your Eyes at Setup Effect Your Swing Direction  
Swing Analyses Available on Facebook (you must be a friend of Tim) Doug Welch (11 handicap) Patrick O'Neill - Impact    
Inside Texas Golf TPC Four Seasons Part 1 TPC Four Seasons Part 2 TPC Four Seasons Part 3  
TempoTeacher on YouTube Power Iron Shots Trouble Shots Golf Tips:  Tim Cusick Better Bunker Shots
  Key to Hitting Longer Tee Shots      
 IonLoop on YouTube Tim Cusick:  IonLoop      

Tim stays at the top of his game using equipment and golf wear from:  Titleist, Vokey Wedges, Scotty Cameron Putters, Footjoy, Peter Millar, and 


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