Hitting a Higher Pitch Shot

Pitching the golf ball is essential to be able to score on the golf course.  The ability to hit a lofted shot over a bunker or 0n to an elevated green can reduce stress as well as lower your score.

There's a few key characteristics to be successful with the pitch shot.  First, you must have a good lie with some cushion under the ball.  This type of lie will allow the sand wedge to slide under the ball.

Second, set up with a little more loft on the clubface, a stance that's slightly open and the hands positioned a little lower at address. This set up allows you to use the bounce of the club at impact.

In the takeaway you must have the toe of the club more straight up and down at waist high as well as the club in line with your hands.  This proper takeaway will give you the correct angle in the downswing for solid contact.

Entering impact the club should slide under the ball with the clubface pointing to the sky through impact.

For a more visual understanding watch my youtube video below.