Coaching Champions

Learn the secrets of Tim Cusick's award winning teaching methods at Tim's Coaching Champions seminars.  Over two days, Tim explains his approach to teaching the game and demonstrates the techniques he uses to help golfers improve their games.  The seminars are highly interactive and utilize both video and live demonstrations to help attendees understand and use the techniques with their own students.  Attendees will learn:

  • To analyze the trajectory and curvature of the ball's flight and club face impact.  Analysis in these two areas helps the instructor determine the correction that will provide the most positive result for the student - and instructor - in the shortest period of time.
  • Tim's "hands on" swing correction technique that allows the student to get the proper "feel" while allowing the instructor to feel how ingrained the mistake is.  The technique also allows the instructor to exaggerate a movement to help the student feel the change more rapidly.
  • To make students their own best teacher by helping them to understand their faults and how to correct them.

Attendance at the seminar contributes eight hours toward PGA professional education requirements.

To find out more about how Tim's  Coaching Champions seminars can improve your teaching skills, check out the sample agenda, then contact Tim.

Two audio excerpts from Tim's seminars are also available below:

  • Four Components of Analyzing a Swing

  • Managing Frustration at a Lesson


  • Seminars held at the Four Seasons Resort and Club - $600/student
  • Custom, off-site seminars - $2,500/day plus expenses

Quotes from Attendees

"If I could only attend one seminar this year, I would choose the Coaching Champions seminar with Tim Cusick.  It is that good."

Klas Olsson, Head Professional, Royal Copenhagen Golf Club, Copenhagen, Denmark

"Tim's teaching philosophy and style make diagnosing and correcting swing flaws quick and easy.  His explanations of the swing were clear and easy to translate into my own teaching style.  His 'hands on' training was very helpful to me as a teacher and I can see my student improving because of it.  The best part was that I learned how to teach my students about their own swing, so they can correct their mistakes when I am not around."

Chad Moscovic, Prestonwood Country Club, PGA Level 3 Apprentice

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