Helping an Aspiring Professional

I had a young aspiring golf professional reach out to me last week inquiring about 'shadowing' me during a golf lesson.  He attends a local Academy in the Dallas area that train individuals to be golf professionals.  He came out yesterday to watch me give a beginner lesson to a junior and then see a lesson with a competitive junior.

The experience for him was great as he got to witness two totally different golf lessons.  The beginner lesson was creating and developing set up fundamentals, swing shape as well as training hand/eye coordination.

The competitive junior intrigued him for a several different reasons.  One of the questions he asked during the lesson was how do you know where to start?  Assuming the student has the ball up in the air I told him you have to analyze four components, trajectory, curvature, face contact and impact.  If the student or any student is not hitting the ball the way they'd like, one of those four areas will stand out.  This gives you the lead in to start in the correct place for the lesson every single time.  The diagnosis is the most critical part of the lesson.  Following this pattern you can get it right every time.

Mentoring and training golf instructors is one of the most favorites things I do in golf.  I've been fortunate to train under some of the world's great instructors.  For me to be able to share with them is invaluable.

The famous country singer Tim McGraw has a famous line in his song,

'When you get where you're goin don't forget turn back around help the next one in line.'  Great words to live by.