PGA – Certified Teaching/Coaching

Honored to get this certificate on the wall in my office at the Four Seasons Resort and Club/Dallas.  I spent the first eight months of 2017 going through the necessary steps to become certified in Teaching/Coaching.  There's approximately 40 hour long videos that are needed to be viewed.  Many have quizzes during or after viewing.

Once the videos are completed, a thesis paper is written.  The thesis paper must have a number of references to the videos that were watched.  The paper is then turned in and graded by the PGA.

I was awarded the certification on August 25, 2017.  Of the 30,000 PGA Professionals in the USA only 6.7% are Certified Professionals in various categories.

As a Quarter Century Member and Certified Professional of the PGA all that's left is to become a Master Professional, which the highest distinction a PGA Professional can achieve.  We'll see what 2018 delivers!